Who We Are

The Room 217 Foundation is a social enterprise that uses music to change the culture of care. 


  • Develop, produce, and sell designed music care products and programs
  • Educate and train caregivers to integrate music into regular practice
  • Collaborate on research inquiries about music care application
  • Consult with caregivers and facilities on music care optimization
  • Provide music care products to vulnerable people removing cost as a barrier

We have developed the music care approach, a relational approach to care.  Music care empowers all care partners to use sound and music as a holistic, human solution for care challenges in all settings. 

Our goal is to see music become a primary approach to care.

While the body of our work takes place in Canada, we are beginning to extend our reach into the UK and the USA.

We believe that:

  • Every human is of ultimate worth and worthy of care.
  • Music has the capacity to bring healing to every dimension of the human experience
  • Collaboration brings strengthened outcomes and mutual support
  • Excellence provides a platform for success
  • Care is about being intentional in everything we do