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Room 217

I am a believer in music at times of illness and especially during near death situations. The family was from another culture. They thought their death rituals were often noisy and scary and were concerned about this for their daughter. She was angry and upset at the inevitable death of her daughter. I gently introduced Spirit Wings to the mother and it calmed her down. My hope was to make the last hours with her daughter as peaceful as they could be. The introduction of Spirit Wings began a very powerful time for her. This music made her daughter's death very peaceful. It changed the atmosphere and gave it a very gentle, quite, loving space. Her death took place in a wonderful manner. This resource needs to be introduced and used gently. I found the right window in which to introduce Spirit Wings. It was absolutely wonderful. It was also very good for the staff and the patient that shared the room with this family during these tender moments. I think it helped them also. This music really helped prepare the family for their daughter's final journey.
Beatrice Francz, Chaplain
Hamilton, ON, Canada