A Precious Memory

I want to thank you for sharing your amazing gift of music

My Mom, Molly Sinclair has been in critical condition in the hospital for the last few weeks!.on day 3 I thought about your Room 217 music and how it might bring comfort to her.

From the very first bars, it seemed to draw Mom in, calming and focusing her thoughts. The first day we had the music we played it over and over again for 24 hours straight. The nurses knew that when she began to be agitated, just to press the start button on the CD player, they were amazed at how quickly she would respond.

What a comfort. With the quiet relaxing presentation of favorite songs and hymns, it calmed not only Mom but also our whole family during those very stressful uncertain days.

Over and over again the nurses and hospital staff would peek in to her room to ask about the music, saying how perfect it was, especially for the palliative care area where we were.

After this is all over, I will cherish the Room 217 CD's as a precious memory of Mom's time and how we all gathered around her bed and sang for hours and hours.

My niece is setting up a palliative care unit downtown; she took your information to order some CDs for use there. Mom's sister asked for a set to use with her church in Mississauga. Several nurses and other caregivers took your contact information as well. One only needs to hear the calming effect of the music to know how effective it will be as Music for life's journey.

Thanks again.

* Editor's Note: Molly Sinclair left us July 10, 2007.

Kathy Clulow