Music Was The Answer

Dear Bev,

My daughter Karen gave me your brochure from the conference in Oshawa that you both presented at several weeks ago. When I read that you were interested in hearing stories about caring for a loved one it reminded me of something I had just done.

My friend Connie was once again feeling overwhelmed by the numerous chronic conditions she has had to live with over the years. When I spoke with her via telephone one day, I sensed that the pain was weighing so heavily on her that her energy was zapped. She lives a distance from me so a visit was not possible at the time. That night while I was exercising on my tread mill and listening to music, I was deep in thought about what I could do for Connie that might lift her spirits. I began to ask myself what helps me when life's difficulties seem to be controlling me in a negative way? Within seconds, I knew the answer - music. I found six CDs covering a wide range of music styles: spiritual, Elvis, the Beatles (music of her generation) and show tunes. I mailed them to her. She loved them. The chronic problems have not gone away, however, she sounds as though her spirit is, once again, soaring.

Keep up the good work. Music soothes the soul.

Helen Haffey