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Music is Such a Powerful Way to Communicate

I just read the article about you in this week's Maclean's magazine. Congratulations on everything you are doing. I wanted to give you a capsule version about why your article touched me. My mother died in May 2004, and music was always such a powerful way for us to communicate. She was my main cheerleader throughout the years of piano lessons, Kiwanis festivals and hours of practicing, for which she came up with some pretty inventive motivators/bribes over the years. She & Dad lived in Penticton, B.C. where there is a wonderful hospice called Moog and Friends Hospice House. Mom spent her last 6 weeks there, and enjoyed seeing spring come in their beautiful gardens. On two visits, I played piano for her and often, on our phone calls, when she couldn't speak much any more, I would sing to her, anything, old stuff she'd taught me, whatever - she had the biggest repertoire of one-verse songs! I'd like to order a set of your 3CDs. I'm looking forward to hearing your music, Bev. All the best to you and your family, especially at this Easter time.

Diane K