Brenda's Story

Early in the fall of 2005, I obtained the Room 217 CD music. It gave me a wonderful lift in my spirit. During the year I had lost my mother, moved three times, dealt with cancer surgery with my father, sold his home, and then began caregiving for him as he began his final transition. This has been the most stressful year of my life. It was unbearable and the music was magic to my soul. I played it in my home and car and it helped me be peaceful and quiet even with the burden of physical care.

During the time my father was dying, I took the music into the hospital in Lindsay and played it everyday at his bedside. The nurses would turn him from side to side every two hours and I would change his hearing aid from one ear to the other so he could hear the music. He was never conscious but seemed so peaceful. The nurses wondered where the beautiful music was from. After dad died, I donated a set to their palliative care unit.

Brenda Thistle

Brenda Thistle is a retired police officer and exceptional caregiver who lives in Lindsay, Ontario. As an only child, Brenda was the primary caregiver for both her mom and dad during this past year. Brenda's Mom died in the spring of 2005 and her Dad, Clarence, passed away in his 97th year at the beginning of January 2006 at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay.