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Because of Music

My grandfather was the epitome of a patriarchal leader of our family. When he became increasingly ill and suffered a very serious stroke, it was devastating. Having the background knowledge of the brain and brain injury rehabilitation, I understood first how serious my 90 year old grandfather’s condition was.

I also knew that music is a powerful tool in such a time. In his last few days, I sat and held my grandpa’s hand, telling him about the songs that reminded me of him while he, my grandpa who could not speak or process a request to action, tapped my hand perfectly to the beat and clapped at the end of each song. In this last days, I felt more of a connection to his soul than I ever have before. Because of music.

Somerleigh Lasko participated in MCCP Level 2 in September 2015, where she shared this moving story.

Somerleigh Lasko