Bev Foster, Executive Director

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Bev Foster Executive Director Room 217 FoundationAs a musician, the effects of what I do have always intrigued me. Using music in my personal caregiving experiences has compelled me to look farther and wider at its use in health care. My dream is for music care, in all its methods of delivery, to be accessible for everyone.

Bev leads Room 217, casting vision, guiding implementation, making connections, and creating a culture where staff can grow and develop.

Carolyn Simpson, Operations & Technology

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Carolyn Simpson Operations Manager Room 217 FoundationMusic has reached into every corner of my life, from early childhood, to motherhood and the loss of a parent. I’ve experienced the healing touch of music and l am fascinated by the supporting science.  Music has always had the power to move me and when I saw the difference it has made for those who are lonely or dying, I knew that this was a cause I wanted to support.

Carolyn manages operations and IT, coordinates events, works with numbers and data.

Deb Bartlett, Resource Lead

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Deb Bartlett, Resource Lead  Room 217 FoundationI’ve witnessed first hand the effect that music can have on people with dementia, and want to be part of sharing the tools that can help others experience similar responses in their loved ones.

Deb prospects and sells Room 217 products and services to care stakeholders, liaises with distributors, and curates Room 217’s social media.

Sarah Pearson, Program Development Lead

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ISarah Pearson Program Development Room 217 Foundation am passionate about the impact music can have in health care settings to transform care culture, and I believe it is part of my role as a music therapist to advocate for the use of music in health at the broadest level. With Room 217, I get to explore with care providers how music could be brought into their practice effectively and responsibly, and inspire people to find the music within themselves.

Sarah crafts words and programs that make music care learning accessible and practical.

Chelsea Mackinnon, Research Lead

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Chelsea Mackinnon, Research Lead  Room 217 FoundationI am involved because I love helping real people solve real problems using the most versatile and fascinating tool I know – music.

Chelsea spearheads Room 217 research projects, evaluations, and journal publications. 


Marian Constable, Program Support

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Marian Constable, Program Support Room 217 FoundationI am thankful for the gift of music and have personally seen the positive effect and/or comfort music can bring to those with Pick's Disease, dementia or those who are palliative.

Marian takes care of the back end of Room 217 programming as registrar for all learning events, and fulfills order delivery.

Shannon Shier, Resource Support

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Shannon Shier, Resource Support  Room 217 FoundationMusic has played an integral role in some of the best and some of the most difficult times in my life and it’s a privilege to be able to help spread the power of music through Room 217.

Shannon markets Room 217 programs, products and services and coordinates contact management.

Catherine St. Pierre, Room 217 Consultant - US

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Catherine St. Pierre, Music Care Consultant US  Room 217 FoundationI am involved to make a difference in improving the quality of life for residents in long-term care.

Catherine facilitates Room 217 activities in the United States.