Stephen Ward  - Director

Stephen Ward


I’m involved in room 217 because I believe that music is such an integral part of the human experience that we can improve how we care for people by merging how the medical system cares for the body with an augmented ability to care for the person.  Music can connect and soothe in a way that helps make the journey of treatment and healing a more human and more positive experience.  My goal is the help make music a more natural part of the process.

Stephen owns and operates an audiology clinic in East City-Peterborough, Ontario and is also a part-time educator at the post-secondary level. Stephen is an experienced leader in the healthcare manufacturing and medical device development industries with a broad experience base. Stephen’s background includes a focus on operations management, manufacturing, robotics and software technology and its uses. He has experience working within the US FDA regulatory framework as well as other regulatory systems. He maintains a focus on life-long learning and adapting new technologies into new ventures.

Stephen combines experience in managing larger organizations with the entrepreneurial experience of launching and growing early-stage companies. Stephen resides in the Peterborough area.