Kaley Duff - Director

Kaley Duff


As a former music educator, I believe music is a powerful tool that heals, connects, and comforts. I'm involved with Room 217 because of its commitment to delivering music care to those who need it most.

Kaley Duff is a lawyer at Cavalluzzo LLP, a boutique labour and employment law firm dedicated to social advocacy and the protection of working people. She practices in the areas of Civil Litigation, Labour, Workers' Compensation, Long-Term Disability, and Pay Equity.

Prior to attending law school, Kaley completed a Bachelor of Music in piano and a Master of Arts in music theory, both at the University of Ottawa. For several years, Kaley worked as a professional musician, performing and teaching music to young children. Music continues to be an important part of her life, and Kaley participates in several community music projects, including Nightwood Theatre’s annual Lawyer Show.