Music for Well-being

Well-being. Enhancement. Activation.
Music has the capacity to reach into the human experience and enhance our quality of life through stimulation, social integration, orientation, communication, expression and daily routine. You can stay active using music throughout your lifetime, and use it to enhance well-being and self-care.
Here are some ways you can incorporate music into your life.

  • Music listening
    • Make a playlist of 10 songs that calm you. Play these in stressful situations i.e. driving in rush hour traffic.
    • Make a playlist of 10 songs that stimulate you. Play these when you need to be active.
    • Go to a live concert.
    • Find gentle soothing music and take a music bath before bedtime.
    • Listen to a new piece of music.
  • Music-making
    • Join a choir.
    • Pick up an instrument. This may include taking lessons or rejuvenating old skills.
    • Join a drumming circle.
  • Music conversations
    • Choose a song that expresses who you are, the values you believe in, or a moment in your life, that can speak to your identity and selfhood. Share this song with people you love.
    • Visit a loved one, a neighbour, a friend and learn about that person’s favourite song. What makes that song special?
    • Volunteer in a care context and have musical conversations on 1:1 visits.
  • Music appreciation
    • Learn to appreciate a new style of music.
    • Learn about music from a different culture.
    • Learn about a new artist either from your generation or from a different generation.
  • Music movement
    • Take a dance class.
    • Use music to boost your athletic performance i.e. running, biking
    • Set your exercise reps to music.
  • Music creating
    • Join a songwriting circle.
    • Record a song you have written.
    • Record an arrangement of your favourite song.