Music at End of Life

Music accompanies us on our life journeys. It can accompany us right through to the final moments of a person’s life, and support us through the bereavement and loss following a death.
Music is a proven non-pharmacological, evidence-based modality for addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues in palliative care and end-of-life. It can:

  1. manage pain and symptoms
  2. decrease anxiety and depression
  3. facilitate relationship completion and closure
  4. create context for reflection and spiritual comfort
  5. validate complex emotions

Palliative care professionals are highly trained to address the many physical, emotional, social and spiritual issues that arise in end-of-life care. Many music therapists and other music care specialists have special training in addressing grief, existential distress, pain management, and family systems.
Room 217 offers simple music resources and approaches that, while not replacing the work of a professional palliative care provider, can complement whatever care you provide with the power of music. The Room 217 CDs Music Collection has been specifically designed for palliative and end-of-life care.