Relationship with Mohawk College spawns Skills Training Day for rec staff

by Deb Bartlett

We at Room 217 are privileged to be able to network with a diverse group of healthcare workers and volunteers who provide care in an array of care settings. In order to better serve such a varied group of clinical workers, we have created two Music Care Skills Day programs that will serve as a focussed introduction to music care for staff and volunteers in recreation therapy, and in hospice palliative care.

We have an amazing relationship with Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON to thank for this. They have provided exclusive Music Care Training to their students in the accelerated rec therapy program, but wanted something more hands-on for programming purposes. The response to that was the development of Music Care Skills Day for rec therapists.

It was piloted in March by our education and research manager, Chelsea Mackinnon, who wrote the curriculum for the program. The result is a day full of practical music care skills development grounded in the existing care practice of a recreation therapist.

Its emphasis is on experiential components, and it’s designed to give participants new ideas about how to add music to their recreation practices. Participants will gain confidence in using music in programming, learn to play the ukulele, learn how to run a bell choir and improve singing skills. Equipping rec staff or rec therapy students with Music Care Skills Training is a great way to differentiate your organization or institution from your competition. For students in particular, it’s a great addition to their resumes.

The cost of Music Care Skills Day for rec therapists is $2,500 (plus related expenses). As Room 217 launches the training – and as we’re all getting ready for back-to-school – we’re offering this training for $1,999 (plus expenses) for the month of August only. This will be for up to 24 people, and training purchased at this price can be completed any time until the end of December 2019[CM1] .

Feedback on the pilot from Mohawk students included: enjoyed how accessible learning ukulele was; instilled more confidence in my musical ability; made music approachable, accessible; lots of resources; good music stuff/techniques to do with clients; super practical.

To book Music Care Skills Day for rec therapists for your staff or students, contact Deb Bartlett at [email protected] or call the office at 905-852-2499 or toll-free at 1-844-985-0217.

Watch this space for information on Music Care Skills Day for hospice palliative care.