Members of our speakers’ bureau provide education at your event

by Deb Bartlett

At Room 217, training and education takes place in a number of ways.

Annually, our Music Care Conference brings together all kinds of caregivers who want to learn about music in care, usually around a theme. This learning community meets in person, is able to network and share ideas. Monthly, our Music Care Webinars are able to virtually bring together teachers and learners from around the globe. These free webinars are a great way for people who want to learn more about music in care to learn from people who are experts through academic, professional, or lived experience. Throughout the year, Music Care Training classes are held across Canada and in the U.K., and provide health care professionals, volunteers, and family members with a baseline training about the intentional use of music in care settings.

But did you know that Room 217 can also bring training and education to you? We have a speakers’ bureau of three people who can present on a number of topics to settings as varied as an hour presentation to a community group, to workshops for corporate events, to plenary and keynote addresses for conferences.

Each of our speakers brings a unique perspective, and we work with potential clients to select the most suitable speaker for their events. Each speaker uses a combination of storytelling, live music and evidence.

Bev Foster is the founder of the Room 217 Foundation, and has presented to hundreds of organizations over the decade that Room 217 has existed, and in the years before it was incorporated as a registered charity. An experienced performer, songwriter and music educator, Bev is passionate about music in care, and each presentation is informative and inspirational. Audiences gain an awareness of the therapeutic possibilities of music in care. Some of her most requested topics include Music for Life’s Journey – the healing power of music through life’s passages, Sounds of Music in Palliative Care – supporting people who are dying and their loved ones with music, Unforgettable – music, memory and meaning, and The Sounds of Music – the science of sound and music as it relates to music care.

Sarah Pearson is a music therapist, songwriter and professional musician, who also works for Room 217 as our program development lead. Sarah inspires audiences to dream big and think outside the box with presentations that are the right balance of information and creative artistry. Among Sarah’s presentations are Music in Hospice and Palliative Care (learn about music’s powerful role in end-of-life care, and get ideas for incorporating music at the end of life), Music and Creativity for Medical Students (creative reflective practice is a growing priority in medical education), and Music and Self-Care for Health Care Providers (self-care is essential for caregiver survival and music is an affordable and effective tool for self-care). These workshops provide meaningful experiences and take-away strategies to health care providers to use music for self-care.

The newest member of the speakers’ bureau is Chelsea Mackinnon. She is Room 217’s education and research manager, and teaches two interdisciplinary undergraduate courses at McMaster University. Chelsea works diligently to incorporate music into traditional healthcare settings, and is the founder of the Hamilton Intergenerational Music Program. With a rich background in music and health sciences, Chelsea loves sharing neuroscientific information of human interactions with music. Some of Chelsea’s more popular topics are Music as a Biological Language (people are inherently musical. Music crosses ethnic and geographic barriers, and is a language in which we interact), Music in Dementia Care (music is often the last type of memory to deteriorate in dementia, and can act as a grounding link between loved ones), Rehabilitation through Music (neurologic music therapy is a scope of practice that uses music perception and cognition properties to enhance the rehabilitative process).

All of Room 217’s speakers provide customized presentations to clients who seek educational and inspirational content for their staff, volunteers, or members. To book a speaker for your workplace, corporate event, or conference, call Deb at 905-852-2499 or email [email protected].