Music Care Conference 2015

by Bev Foster

The 2015 Music Care Conference is the place to be for inspiration and motivation as we bring two dynamic speakers to complement our theme of Music & Rehabilitation

Attendees will hear from Allison Woyiwada who was left with severe cognitive and physical deficits after surgical treatment of a "giant" brain aneurysm.  Cheryl Jones, NMT, used music to encourage Allison in her goals of reacquiring skills of daily living.  Allison's journey from a near vegetative state to functioning adult is chronicled in her book, Allison's Brain, authored with her husband Robert McMechan

One reviewer praises the book for illustrating the power of music to heal, pointing out that:

"While our advances in medicine provide hope and possibility for so many patients, the process of recovery continues to rely on our humanistic practices. Music therapy played pivotal role in Allison’s recovery and her story illustrates the power of music to heal. Allison’s music therapy sessions facilitated by a certified music therapist, allowed for the expertly guided use of music to foster her brain’s neuroplasticity and skill re-acquisition. Leveraging the innate power of music to heal through structure music therapy sessions was a transformative process for Allison.

Allison’s Brain demonstrates how music and the brain were made for each other.”  www.allisonsbrain.com/reviews

Allison, Robert and Cheryl kick off this year's conference sharing the story of Allison's Brain and how music rehabilitative power can be used by allied health professionals, and caregivers. 

Once we have been inspired by Allison's rehabilitation story, attendees will break out into their chosen sessions. 

Following the afternoon breakout sessions, we will all gather for the amazing and motivational presentation of Alvin Law.  Alvin was one of thousands of Canadian Thalidomide babies born in the 1960s.  What may have become a tragic life-story did not turn out that way. Alvin is not only a completely independent, remarkably successful professional speaker, but proof that out of nothing can arise one of the most inspiring stories you will ever witness.  Rather than seeing himself as a victim who is limited by not having arms, Alvin lives a full life that includes raising a family, driving, and playing several instruments including drums and piano!

You've got to see him to believe this. 

Through his parents' encouragement, faith, dedication and infinite belief, little Alvin learned to use his feet for hands.  His parents advocated for him to attend regular school rather than be segregated.  By treating Alvin like a typical boy, his parents set the expectation that he would grow into a typical man.  Alvin has worked as a disc-jockey, in advertising, PR and as a civil servant. 

Despite being told that he wouldn't amount to much, Alvin is a motivational speaker who has shared his message of hope and joy to thousands of people.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear about the power of music.  Music Care Conference takes place Saturday November 7, 2015 at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. 

Registration officially opens June 1, 2015


Check out allisonsbrain.com and alvinlaw.com