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25 ways people use Room 217 music

by Bev Foster

 1.  Enroute from chemo

 2.  In grief and bereavement

 3.  To promote sleep

 4.  To reduce agitation

 5.  In care baskets and comfort carts

 6.  To help complete relationships

 7.  In surgical recovery rooms and in waiting rooms

 8.  To accompany exercise like Gentle Gym, Yoga or Pilates

 9.  To support people who are dying

10.  In dementia care, especially at mealtimes and sundowning

11.  As background ambiance in organ donation transition process

12.  For meditation and contemplation

13.  To support therapeutic touch and massage therapy

14.  For tinnitus relief

15.  As In Memoriam gifts

16.  As a tool in psychotherapy for reminiscence and life review

17.  To de-stress caregivers

18.  In self-care

19.  In classrooms to help create a calm atmosphere

20.  For pain distraction

21.  As a library loan resource

22.  To accompany the passing of a pet

23.  In coma stimulation

24.  In celebration of life or remembrance services

25.  During care visits

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Thursday, March 13, 2014