Not Afraid CD highlights value of relationships at end-of-life journey

by Deb Bartlett

Room 217’s music was designed for use in palliative care. The music is produced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate) which has several benefits for the person receiving palliative care. It also aids others in the circle of care. This link will take you to a report that discusses the benefits of music in hospice palliative care.

Fear around death and dying is common, and normal. People may fear the pain of dying, or fear the unknown. Others may fear living without a loved one, and what a future without them might be like.

One of the albums in our Collection 4 – Boomer Tracks is titled Not Afraid. The title does not mean that we think people shouldn’t be scared; the title brings together a number of inspiring songs with a theme that there are good things to be found and appreciated every day, and that people are there to help carry the load. This music carries a message of support and love for moments that can be uncomfortable, even painful.

Because this collection is designed for Boomers, you’ll hear songs like Reach Out I’ll Be There, Lean on Me, That’s What Friends Are For, Turn, Turn, Turn and Imagine. These are songs that we have sung for decades that have confirmed friendships and close relationships. They are songs that we know off by heart and that resonate because they instill in us a sense of companionship, kinship, or belonging.

Our hope is that the collection of songs on Not Afraid will comfort everyone in the circle of care during a loved one’s end-of-life journey. If you want to listen to five samples from the album, click the album link above, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Not  Afraid can be purchased as a single CD, or as part of Collection 4.

Deb Bartlett is a journalist by profession, with a particular interest in the health and education beats. As Room 217’s Resource Lead, her experience as a writer lends valuable communication and networking expertise within the wide range of Room 217 customers and media relations.