Learn about pulsed stimulation therapy in webinar

by Deb Bartlett

February’s webinar is just days away, and you won’t want to miss this one.

Dr. Lee Bartel is professor emeritus of music, former associate dean – research at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, and the founding director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory.

Lee has a broad interest in music and health, ranging through music medicine, music therapy, music neuroscience, health in culture, musician’s health, music performance science, and music in human development. He is particularly interested in applications of music in conditions of aging.

He is presenting on Wednesday, Feb. 12 on Pulsed Stimulation Therapy – Body, Blood, Bone, Brain.

Lee’s presentation will examine a model response to pulsed stimulation and how it can affect us from a psychological level to a cellular level. It will look specifically at how pulsed stimulation is translated to a response in the body. Clinical treatments and research will be described in which pulsed stimulation is applied to body, blood, bone, and brain. This will include treatments for conditions like pain, stroke, Alzheimer’s, spinal alignment, bone density, circulation, and depression.

Three measurable outcomes the audience will learn by participating in Lee’s session are: identify four steps in the translation of pulsed stimulation to a cellular response in the body; describe specific “sound based pulsation” applications to at least three medical conditions with research demonstrated effect; identify four brain effects related to Alzheimer’s that research has shown may result from pulsed stimulation of the brain.

The British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Association’s education committee has received approval from the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification for .1 continuing education credit for attending this webinar.

Here’s the link to register for Wednesday’s webinar. Our webinars take place the second Wednesday of the month, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ET. If you miss it, you can always go back to Room 217’s reference library and watch it later. Did you know we have several years’ worth of webinars in the library? You will find journal articles, blog posts and archived webinars by searching key words.


Deb Bartlett is a journalist by profession, with a particular interest in the health and education beats. As Room 217’s Resource Lead, her experience as a writer lends valuable communication and networking expertise within the wide range of Room 217 customers and media relations.