Fenelon Falls seniors share their talents

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Fenelon Court resident Ginny Gibbs was joined by Susan Fisher for a delightful demonstration of Highland dancing during the nursing home's recent resident production, The Fenelon Follies; a variety show that featuring musicians, singers and dancing. - Special to Metroland

FENELON FALLS - Fenelon Court residents proved talent doesn’t disappear with age when close to two dozen of them took the stage for this year’s Fenelon Follies.

The variety program featured the musical, vocal and dancing skills of 22 residents - an accumulative 1,956 years - who had diligently practiced three times a week for nine weeks to prepare for the spotlight.

The event was the follow up of Music Care training at the long-term care centre by the Room217 Foundation. Performances included drumming, chime choir, solos, duets and highland dancing. All were executed with professionalism and pure joy; and maybe a few butterflies.

The buzz in the home leading up to the curtain call was electric, especially given the many of the family members that filled the audience.  Following the show Laurine Peel’s daughter commented

“My mom has gone to see everything I have ever done in my life. It was very special for me to attend this and watch her,” stated Cathy Hunter of her mother Laurine Peel.

Highland dancer Ginny Gibbs had butterflies before going on and even had second thoughts.

But having her daughter, Shelley McElney, in the crowd certainly helped persuade her perform.  McElney was in town from Scotland and brought in Gibbs’ kilt for her to wear as well as an extra for her partner, Susan Fisher, for their Pas de Basques performance. 

The official Fenelon Follies program that included head shots of all the performers was much sought after for autographs at the after party.  Residents, families, staff, and volunteers all thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are asking about next year’s.