Caregiver Support

Room 217 resources, education and training help healthcare providers, family and volunteer caregivers use music in their approach to care.
Music Listening
Room 217 CDs Music Collections can be used by caregivers to enhance quality of life, comforts, soothes, relaxes and encourages people of all ages facing stress, illness, chronic illness, end of life, grief and suffering, and is especially useful in palliative and end of life care.
Music Making
Room 217 Pathways Singing Program can be used by caregivers whether they are musical or not, and increases engagement, responsiveness to music, and pleasure, as well as reduces behaviours in dementia care.
Music Care Learning
Room 217 Educational Programs provide information and training to caregivers wanting to integrate music into regular care practice and helps to increase their confidence.
Music Care Research
Room 217 Research and tools assist leaders in care settings in the areas of music care assessment, navigation, and optimization.