What a Difference a Day Makes

dementia care, music program for dementia, Pathways Singing Program, Room 217 FoundationWhat a Difference a Day Makes is a donor-driven program that brings the Pathways Singing Program to adult day programs across Canada. Participating sites agree to be part of a process which tracks the use and outcomes of Pathways as it relates to social cohesion over a period of three months.

Campaign Goal:  $250,000
Raised-to-date: $168,000

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Adult Day Programs are community support initiatives that assist people living with dementia and other health conditions, by empowering them to live at home and participate in their community for as long as possible. Adult day programs help to reduce boredom, support mental health and provide emotional support for persons with dementia.

One of the challenges in adult day programs is developing social cohesion. Social cohesion or group cohesion arises when bonds link members of a social group to one another and to the group. Social cohesion appears to be a desirable feature of a social entity. Music is considered a natural choice by many experts in helping people living with dementia engage in a group.

Singing is a particularly beneficial medium of music-making because it is done in groups i.e. choirs, rock bands, sporting events, camp etc. Singing brings people together and can address social cohesion. For people living with dementia, singing provides a point of human contact, enhances emotional connection and intimacy, and links people living with dementia to prior experiences. Singing is something that is done in groups i.e. choirs, rock bands, sporting events, camp etc.

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WDDM Interim Report Year 1