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Christmas in September

Dad loved Christmas! Trimming the tree, baking cookies, making rum-soaked Christmas cake, putting up Grandpa’s train, going to midnight mass, Christmas was Dad’s favourite time of year. What I remember most about Christmas past was Dad’s constant singing. Dad never learned how to play an instrument but Dad sure loved to sing. He belted out Christmas carols completely off key but he didn’t care.

The Last Iris: A Mother's Day Tribute

The Last Iris: A Mother's Day Tribute

By Jane Twohey (of the Room 217 Foundation) with Rory Taillon


“I celebrate two moms on Mother’s Day,” says Rory Taillon, a young and talented musician from Oshawa, Ontario.  “I always made two Mother’s Day cards when I was a kid; one for my mom and one for my Grandma who was like another mom.”

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