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Reflections from the back seat

Ah, the road trip. Growing up, we had a woodie station wagon very similar to the one in the photo above. It was a Mercury Grand Marquis and it was a tank. A boat. Ours didn’t have a rear-facing seat like this one, so we used to bring sleeping bags and pillows and set up camp back there.


Music for Dementia topic of next webinar

We are gearing up for the March webinar already, and this month’s presenter comes to you from the U.K. Grace Meadows will be speaking about Music for Dementia 2020, and the campaign to use music to bring about change in dementia care.

Grace is a music therapist and a director with Music for Dementia 2020, The Utley Foundation in London, U.K. She is leading the campaign to make music available for people living with dementia.


Learn how musicians are part of the system of healthcare in U.K.

It’s hard to believe that I am writing about the first webinar of 2020 already. Wasn’t it only a few years ago we were worried about Y2K? I hope you’ve enjoyed (maybe even are still enjoying!) a wonderful holiday season, and have had time for some rest and relaxation.