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Soul music tells stories, contributed to society

Room 217’s Collection 4 Boomer Tracks features the music of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s – the music many of us grew up listening to. When we think of the types of music that were influential, soul music has to be considered. Soul spawned some of the biggest hits and biggest stars in the music industry, and evolved into even more genres of music.


What’s a Road Trip Without Route 66?

It is likely the best-known road in North America. It’s been written about, sung about, and filmed. It’s been cemented as the road to opportunity. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about Route 66, the famous 2,448 mile highway that runs from Chicago IL to Los Angeles, CA.


Reflections from the back seat

Ah, the road trip. Growing up, we had a woodie station wagon very similar to the one in the photo above. It was a Mercury Grand Marquis and it was a tank. A boat. Ours didn’t have a rear-facing seat like this one, so we used to bring sleeping bags and pillows and set up camp back there.


Music for Dementia topic of next webinar

We are gearing up for the March webinar already, and this month’s presenter comes to you from the U.K. Grace Meadows will be speaking about Music for Dementia 2020, and the campaign to use music to bring about change in dementia care.

Grace is a music therapist and a director with Music for Dementia 2020, The Utley Foundation in London, U.K. She is leading the campaign to make music available for people living with dementia.