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Music in the liminal space: Part 1 Neurology and Consciousness

I have borne witness to the dying trajectories of three loved ones. It appeared to me that each one was most receptive to music when body systems were shutting down and their spirits were preparing to travel on. That in-between, liminal space can be filled with music based on neurological events taking place at death, the unique nature of music and the bridging of the two. My sense is that music in the liminal space between life and death is heard by the dying one and may, in fact, be helpful.


5 Effects of Music at End of Life

It was 18 years ago today that my dad died. Music was a big part of how I supported him through his illness and a significant part in how my brothers and sisters, mom and I let him go as we surrounded him in his hospital bed.

My personal experience with dad was a great teacher about the power of music at end of life. Since then, I have made the same journey with others. I have also given myself to disciplined study about the effects of music at the end of life’s journey.