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Room 217 is a music-based health arts organization and social enterprise. We provide an innovative approach to health and well-being called music care. Music care enhances quality of life and improves the care experience.

Since 2005, Room 217’s team of music educators, music therapists, music and health researchers, community musicians and artists, has been helping carers integrate music into their regular practice.

At Room 217, we produce and deliver music care products, education and training, collaborate in applied research, coach and consult with healthcare teams in music and care.

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We have used Room 217 music with patients very successfully. I think that music can make a big difference.
Dr. Brian Berger, hospice physician
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Mom passed away last night peacefully with me by her side. I want you to know that the Room 217 music was a huge comfort to her and it was all she wanted to listen to.
Anne Marie, family caregiver
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After snack time is over, before everybody goes to sleep, I like to put on Recollections. It creates a calming atmosphere and helps to distract the residents. It unites them in a way.
Penny, long-term care nurse
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I took this amazing Music Care Training course. AH-MAZING. Really focused on person-centered care. I could really see how all disciplines in long-term care could benefit from the knowledge provided in this course. Music is so important and is the last thing we forget.
Jaime, long-term care rec therapist
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Anybody can do it. If music isn’t your forte, Pathways makes you feel very comfortable.
Pathways beta tester
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They want to do Pathways again and again and that is welcome news for an activity aide.
Vicki Colicchia, long-term care rec aide

Music Care

Music care is an approach. Caregivers can use sound and music as a solution for challenges of care in all settings. Learn more

Music care can be delivered in different ways by different people. Music care initiatives and interventions can fall into 10 domains. Learn more

Music is a human language. Regardless of our musical training, we can all use music for well-being. Learn more

Music is an effective caregiving tool. It takes some skill, but anyone can use it. Learn more

Many caregivers have used music in their care practices and contexts. Their stories can inspire us to do the same. Read more.

9 Ways Music Helps In Care

Music reaches into every human experience and supports health and wellness. Music is adaptable and can be applied in a variety of care circumstances.

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