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The Pathways singing program is a comprehensive singing program for memory care that engages people in music-making, stimulates memories and conversations, and strengthens relationships. Inspirations is a themed collection including 4 video episodes, accompanying activity booklets, online training and bonus audio CDs. Pathways is led by an expert singing host and provides 100s of hours of flexible programming.

Journeys Seasons Collection includes five episodes: United Kingdom, North America, Europe, Caribbean, French Canada (in French).

Pathways Journeys Collection host Briar Boake

Singing host Briar Boake

Each episode is between 25-30 minutes in length and follows the same format: 

  1. Welcome
  2. Theme introduction with background information
  3. Breathing warm-up
  4. 5 songs, each with a brief introduction
  5. Breathing warm-down
  6. Good-bye

The activity booklet is full of activation ideas to accompany each song. Activities are categorized in order to provide variety and multi-sensory stimulation. Categories include arts and crafts, food, discussion, music-making, auditory, nature, sensory, vocational, costumes, reminiscence, movement, videos, and games.

Online training is recommended for facilitators and can be found here.

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