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Product Overview


Whether you are new to Room 217’s products, or just want to stock up, our bundle saves you the most. Buy a bundle of all of Room 217’s resources – the Pathways singing program for dementia, Music Collections One and Two (12 CDs), Recollections One, Two and Three for reminiscence (DVDs), 3 sets of Conversation Cards (Older Adults, Life Review and Dance) and save $130.

Music Collections

Room 217 Music Collections are themed music albums with familiar sounds and songs designed for use in palliative and end-of-life care. The Collections’ calming and soothing influence is suitable for use with many health concerns.

Pathways Singing Program

Pathways is a 13-episode singing program and accompanying activity book designed for use in memory care. Each Pathways episode is themed, and the singing is supplemented with evocative and stimulating commentary provided by Briar Boake, the Pathways host. Pathways may be purchased as a complete set or as individual collections.


Recollections are one-hour videos set to the gentle music of Room 217 which help people remember and reminisce through sights and sounds. Featuring pastoral scenes and animate objects to trigger memories, Recollections appeal to both aural and visual senses and are excellent for quiet channels, waiting rooms and Snoezelen programs.

Music Care Converation Cards

Music Care Conversation Cards use designed and themed questions complemented by beautiful photos to catalyze memories and connections about music in people’s lives. Easy-to-use, wipeable, and portable, Conversation Cards will guide you in 1:1 visits by helping people share memories, ideas, feelings and stories. There are three sets: Older Adults, Life Review and Dance.