Music Care Training


We'll help you develop effective music care strategies as caregiving tools.
Music Care Training is a 3-level continuing education program that prepares you to use music in your care practice with increased confidence and understanding.

You ...

  • learn about the positive and adverse power of music in care
  • practice musical skills and build confidence using them
  • develop your own approach to making music a part of your practice and care context

Music Care Training is suitable for health care providers, family and volunteer caregivers, musicians, teachers and any other community members who would like to learn how to care though music.

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Music Care: Theory and Context - Learn More and Register

Level 2 - Effects of Music in Whole Person Care - Learn More and Register

Level 3 - Becoming Music Care Advocates - Learn More and Register

Year End Sale on Exclusive Music Care Training - tailored for your organization - Learn More


"One resident in particular had just come out of a showering experience that had put her into a state of sobbing, shivering, rocking, crying and moaning shock. I was able to use the call and response, the humming, the singing and the breathing to calm her and lull her to sleep. Without your training I may have been at a loss as I have never seen this resident so upset. " Rhonda Bowman, Ancaster, ON, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator, Chartwell

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